When a ticket is created and we need to update the request type, Jira Automation does not support the request type update. Here I will share my experience on how you can achieve this goal.

How it will work

Step1: Identify the Request Type

Step2: Create the automation rule 

1- Identify the Request Type

This most important part is , how to identify the request type which will be used in the automation rule. You cannot use the UI based request type , automation rule will be failed.

Here are the steps on how to identify the request type.

1.1- Identify any existing ticket and get the ticket/issue id. You can get the issue Id by exporting the ticket in XML

1.2- Open the URL


2- Create the automation rule 

Now you can create required automation rule as follows, this is just a sample rule, you can add/remove conditions

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Muhammad Ramzan  is Atlassian Certified Master & Consultant having 10+ years of professional experience in the area of DevOps, Software Testing(Manual/Automation) and Atlassian Tools Administration.

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